Terms of service

By registering on Nmedlek, the user confirms having read and accepted the general conditions of use, by checking a box in the registration form.

The general conditions of use must be accepted by any user wishing to access the site. This acceptance can only be full and complete. Otherwise, the user agrees not to use this site.

Terms of service

1. Legal notice

Nmedlek is a registered trademark of SARL OCTOWEB.

2. Definitions

Platform: indifferently designates the website and the Android or Apple Nmedlek mobile applications allowing Users to access the Nmedlek Services.

User: refers to any person using the platform.

Member: refers to any person with an account on the site.

Donor: member who posts ads on the platform (Who offers free services or donates goods).

Taker: member who solicits donations by contacting the donor.

3. Object

These general conditions define the conditions of use of the platform and the services by users and donors and govern relations between users of the platform.

By using the platform, any user declares to accept these general conditions without reservation and expressly confirms to be a natural person.

These general conditions are therefore enforceable against any user.

Nmedlek reserves the right to modify these general conditions. They will be applicable as soon as they are put online.

4. Use of the platform

Nmedlek is a classified ad platform for the donation of objects and services. These are available on the site and offered by registered members who wish to give them away for free or for a trade if both parties agree.

All objects and services must be transferred free of charge, any form of sale is strictly prohibited.

Browsing and opening an account on Nmedlek is completely free. At no time will you be asked to pay for this use.

Should anyone ask you for money on behalf of Nmedlek, please let us know immediately.

The user is solely responsible for his account and the use he makes of it.

5. Ad publication

Any user can publish an announcement to donate one or more objects and services of which he is the owner.

The object or service concerned is located and described by the donor. The donor can post one or more photos on the announcement.

Any donor expressly declares by posting an announcement to be the owner of the object or service concerned and undertakes to provide as faithful a description as possible of the object or service.

The donor, by posting an aannouncement, is responsible for the donation he transfers to the taker and guarantees not to donate any dangerous or legally prohibited object.

By using the platform, the user undertakes to respect the following rules of conduct:

  • Do not communicate information received in private by another user.
  • Do not communicate information that is defamatory or that may in any way damage an individual's reputation, whether on the internet or elsewhere.
  • Do not be rude, make racist or discriminatory remarks, harass other users, threaten them, mock them or insult them.
  • Do not solicit users to direct them to a platform similar to Nmedlek or for any commercial reason.
  • Do not publish false or misleading information or presenting illegal activities.
  • Do not publish announcements of donations of objects or services prohibited by law.
  • Do not impersonate another user or person.

By posting an announcement, any user expressly accepts that the content of this announcement will be used by Nmedlek for communication purposes and its duplication on any website operated by Nmedlek.

6. Intellectual property

Any reproduction or representation, in whole or in part, made without the prior agreement of Nmedlek, is strictly prohibited and constitutes an infringement.

Internet users do not have the right to use the services and content of Nmedlek for the following purposes:

  • Promote their activities.
  • Collect private information from members.
  • Solicit members for reasons other than those related to the donation.
  • Copy or sniff the platform.

7. Responsibilities of Nmedlek

Nmedlek can in no way be held responsible for the content of the announcements published by the contributors and gives no warranty, express or implied, in this regard.

Nmedlek is a third party to correspondence and relations between users, and therefore excludes any liability in this regard.

Nmedlek cannot be held responsible if the donation turns out to be unusable, defective, damaged or dangerous.

The site moderation team has the power to decline a donation if its appearance or condition adversely affects the content of the site.

Donation announcements appearing on Nmedlek are checked manually or by an automated system before being published. Nmedlek cannot filter and control all content before it is posted. Consequently, Nmedlek cannot guarantee that all members will abide by the terms of use of the site. The site also exercises a posteriori moderation on some of the publications and reserves the right to stop their uploading, without having to justify it to the user.